Do You Know What Your Insurance Covers

Your Health Insurance Coverage

Who Wants it Anyway?

Health Insurance is sometimes a taboo subject.  I know that for most of us Health Insurance is a mystery.  I know it is for me. Who wants it anyway?   It’s a necessary evil.  You don’t want to be without it but how often we feel it’s a lot of money when you’re not using it.  What does it cover?

Finding Out Too Late

What is the worst thing to happen is that you find out too late that you need a type of health insurance coverage that you don’t have it.

The benefits vary as much as the weather. Agents rattle off what you get and when they’re on the 6th or 7th item, you’re still back on #2.  This may be because as they are rattling off the benefits you are still trying to assess in your head if you have those issues!

Once you get on Medicare, it seems that some days you feel that you could fit into most categories. The aches and pains multiply with each year.

Your Health Insurance Coverage

Hedging Your Bets on Health Insurance

All joking aside we always want to ensure that we have coverage for those issues that you may not have now but may in the future.  Hedging your bets as they say, may not be a good plan after a certain age.

The questions as you age will more likely revolve around Home Health, Hospice, and maybe long-term care. What you don’t want to happen is that you think you are covered and you are not.

Take a Proactive Stance

It is best to review your healthcare plan every year or two to ensure your coverage can meet your needs.  The other probability is plans change.  Coverage amounts change.  Options in healthcare change.  Increases always happen! General Medicare Information

Be sure to check in with your agent.  If in doubt you can also check in with us for all your Home Care and Home Health requirements. Contact Us