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When we are young we might get your health education at school or from our parents.  Maybe in our 20s we become gym rats and get our health education from a personal trainer.  But what do we do as we age and are faced with health issues we never thought would happen to us?

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Continuing Your Health Education

Continuing Your Health Education

You may believe in continuing education regarding your job to advance, maybe you looked into advanced degrees or even night seminars to further your job advancement requirements.  But what about your health education?  Does it ever cross your mind? 

When you get sick, do you turn to Dr. Google to learn about your health when it’s already deteriorating?  If you look up symptoms on the internet you are sure to find “answers”, but how can you help yourself with any issues you might have now or may have at some point.

We have learned through the years that being proactive with our healthcare is as important as taking care of current issues.  How can you do that?

Upping Your Health Education Game

We have found some seminars we think you may enjoy and find enlightening.  They are also at the right price – these are no charge events.  You must, however, register for them and they do have a limited seating.  Registering early is a plus to make sure you can get a seat.

Your Health Education

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July 6 – 6:30-7:30pm Costa Mesa | Physical Activity, Cognition and Memory

August 3 – 6:30-7:30pm Costa Mesa | Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes

August 15 – 6:30-7:30Elevate Your Energy

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