Visiting Family

Holidays brings together whatever your family looks like.  What your family looks like is different from anyone else’s.  And how would Home Healthcare be a part of our discussion about the holidays?

As is the case for many this holiday season, you may be going to visit family that you haven’t seen for quite awhile due to the events of the last 2 years. I’m sure you are excited to see maybe Mom, Dad, aunts, uncles, and maybe even cousins. Great! I’m sure the reunions will be awesome.

Traditional Turkey Day of Old

Traditional Turkey Day of Old

Memories carry us a long way but what happens when our memories are disrupted by cold, hard reality? As you dig into that lovely family meal, you may be seeing things other than that beautiful abundance of food. The abundance of family and the love you feel for them shines through.

As you visit, you may notice things like Mom isn’t as sharp mentally as you remember. Maybe you see Dad struggling to get out of his chair, or limping and moaning a bit more than you remember.

On your drive, or flight, home you may reminisce about your visit but wondering how your parents are really doing. Your mind starts to think into the future about how you can help them. We love them and we know that at some point we may be held responsible for them.

You don’t live anywhere near them so you may start to fret a bit about their wellbeing. How will you be able to help them?  Is home healthcare an option for you?

Your Changing World

This post is not meant to give you pause, but to show you you are not alone. There will be many people experiencing this over the holidays. It would not be uncommon in the scheme of the life we have except for the distance we have experienced over the last couple of years.

We want to talk to you about home healthcare and the changes to our healthcare systems. We are experiencing a mass aging of our population.

As our loved ones age it may be that they need healthcare in our home. They may also need assistance with health maintenance tasks such as bathing and chores provided by home healthcare.

Home healthcare is quickly becoming a necessity due to the overwhelm our doctors and other healthcare providers will experience. And do you want Mom to be able to stay in her home longer?

70% of those requiring home healthcare services are 65 or older. 97% of those over 65 will require assistance with bathing. 91% may require getting in or out of bed.

More than 65% of the US population care for a chronically ill or disabled senior loved one each year. And and of the older population with long term care needs, about 30% have substantial long term care needs.

And here are some more if you need more statistics. Longterm Care Statistics

One benefit of home healthcare is to keep people in their homes longer which is a benefit to all.

While older people realize that aging is not for the faint of heart but adult children sometimes want to keep our childhoods alive a little longer.

Is The Time Now for Checking into Home Healthcare? 

Statistics are always daunting and you can say to yourself ‘that will never affect me’.  Unfortunately, aging hits us all.  So, the time is now to be proactive.

Start checking out your options before you are forced to find solutions under duress.

Stay tuned for our next post 

“How to Find the Right Caregiver for Your Loved Ones”