We all probably know someone who has had to have healthcare in the home, possibly as a last step for comfort care.  However there have been many changes in Healthcare that has had a huge impact on changing the face of Home Healthcare as well. Before Covid, people were expected to make their way to a doctor’s office for treatment.  Before great strides in technology in healthcare, the doctor or hospital was the only avenue of testing, and tracking personal healthcare data. Healthcare Changes in the Modern Day

Changing the Face of Home Healthcare

How Changes in Healthcare May Affect You

Now we have learned that there are other options.  Initial treatment may be from a doctor or a hospital but continued care, and healthcare data tracking, can be obtained in a home setting by a professional home healthcare expert.

Think about it.  You may have a mobile phone, or fitness device, that tracks the steps you walk per day.  These devices are also able to track your pulse, and roughly estimate your oxygen levels.  There are other apps/device add-ons that allow you to monitor your heart.  While these devices are great estimates, what if you want more accurate data, and want it sent directly to your doctor?

These technology advances have also impacted realtime data that can be sent directly to your doctor’s offices.  This is called “Telemetry”.

But What is Telemetry

What is telemetry?  It was first recognized in just the technology arena and some healthcare but over the past couple of years it has expanded exponentially. And of course it will continue to have new diagnostic uses, and we know the healthcare application is moving fast.

Telemetry Tutorial

But what about healthcare telemetry?

Telemetry in Healthcare 

Rapidly Changing From Diagnosis to Treatment

Changing the Face of Home HealthcareHealthcare as we knew it, is rapidly changing.  Home Healthcare has been greatly enhanced to allow patients to recover at home.  We’ve all heard that patients recover faster at home, however before it was just family caring and maybe a caregiver stopping by a couple of hours a week.

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Changing the Face of Home Healthcare