Changing the Face of Home Healthcare

Unimaginable Changes of Home Healthcare

As the winds down many are grateful for their holiday season, some are speculative about the coming year, and others are just exhausted from the hullabaloo.  And we made it through the season with little to no health issues as a society.  However, statistics show us that Home Healthcare was greatly impacted by Covid, starting in 2021.  

The issues of visitation during the height of Covid and having your loved ones locked away in a hospital without you, caused many are to think twice about what the next years will bring.  I’m sure by now you have selected your new insurance for the year but have you checked what you are afforded with Home Healthcare?

New Options for Virtual Care/Home Health

These issues with healthcare and Covid caused many of us to take a more in-depth look at home care options.  2021 brought us more options for virtual care.  Many new technologies were brought about because of the immediate need to service patients differently.  Now patients can be monitored by their doctors while at home.  Telehealth, or virtual care, increased by 38 times.  And many, about 11%, say they would like to continue with these new treatment options.

And of course, where there is need, money follows.  There have been huge investments into new and upcoming technologies to help in the home healthcare market.

Ask any old person, they will tell you never go to the hospital because hospitals are where you go to die. For old people that certainly rings true.  If you can keep Mom or Dad, or Gran or Gramps, at home you could be increasing their quality of care and maybe their longevity.

Changes Impacting All Healthcare

The New Face of Home Healthcare

The New Face of Home Healthcare

Thisstudy by McKensie and Company, How Healthcare can Shift Significantly by 2025, shows how these changes can affect healthcare overall. This means not only care benefits but costs as well.  There are significant changes coming because patients, healthcare professionals, and investors are looking at home healthcare as a positive for all concerned.

Those service companies who are on this ride are growing by leaps and bounds, and are having to change with the growing trends.  Home healthcare must have doctors on board, not just care providers and nurses. Be sure to check us out! Transition Care Telemetry

In Conclusion

Changes are coming so it’s wise to begin to educate yourself.  How will these changes affect you?  Check out this study as it is loaded with information that will affect someone you love in the coming couple of years. Coming Changes to Healthcare

We hope you have a Happy Happy New Year’s Eve and bring in a New Year full of Health and Vitality for you and all your loved one.