Thankful at Thanksgiving

It’s time for the beginning of the holiday season for us in American, starting with Thanksgiving.  One holiday bleeds into the next these days without much separation, or time to breathe and enjoy the moment.  The minute one is over we are onto the next, planning, preparing, and caring out the monumental tasks we set for ourselves.



Thankful for Family


As we get into the holiday spirit, we are reminded of family times around the family dinner table, when we were kids, or when our children were young, eating until we can’t breathe and most of us have to loosen our belts as we excuse ourselves from the table. 

As I’ve seen written, this holiday takes 3 hours of shopping, 5 hours of cooking, 20 minutes of eating and often 10 hours of cleaning up!  But it is to be remembered as family time.  Family members come home from wherever they are, college, new residence, out of town jobs, just to be with family and catch up on all the goings-on.  And in some families, this may include the occasional family drama.



Our Thanksgiving

As you sit around your table or celebrate the holiday in your family tradition, We at Transition Care Telemetry want to thank each and everyone of those patients, clients, referrals, and of course our family, our extra special team at TCT.  Our goal is to keep your loved ones in the home as long as we can.  We are grateful for all!!


Happy Thanksgiving to All!  

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