We all love a little spring.  Well after all the rain has stopped! But the rain brings the colors of Spring.  And we will see lots of colors and ideas to spruce up your yard and your home this Spring.  Please join us to Welcome Springtime at the 47th Annual OC Home & Garden Show this weekend, February 24-25. 

Springtime OC Home & Garden Show


We will actually have a booth in the Giving Pavilion section of the Show.  We are participating as our Foundation, TCT Health Foundation.  This foundation was created because being Home Healthcare providers, we constantly saw people who needed Healthcare but could not afford it.  Being in the field has let us see what others may not.  As our healthcare options change, many are discharged from hospitals while still in recovery and may not have the finances for home healthcare and they have no family or friends who step up for them. This was our reason for creating this Foundation and it is the only one of its kind.  We as providers wanted to step up to the plate to help those in need in other ways.

Visit Our Booth

Please consider a visit to our booth before or after checking out the Springtime flowers and home add-ons offered, and check out whether it would be right for you to make a donation.  This money goes entirely to our neighbors in the OC and surrounding areas. And we love to hear input from our friends in the neighborhood! 


Get your tickets here – Springtime

Or contact us at Transition Care Telemetry or our Foundation at TCT Health Foundation