Is Home Healthcare Only For the Elderly

How many of us think only of the elderly when we think of home healthcare?  There may be other reasons you may want to consider looking into an added caregiver before you may need it.  It is definitely not one size fits all.

Other needs:

    • Mobility related surgery
    • Hospice Care
    • VA Services Veterans Services
    • Fill in for family and friends
    • Day needs / Night needs

Do You Live Alone and Are Having Surgery?

Working to leave these behind with home healthcare

Working to leave these behind with home healthcare

At this time of year there are many elective surgeries happening because you may have year end money in your PSA account to use before the year end.  You may know you will have some downtime in your job at this time so you opt for surgery.  Check your health insurance benefits plan.

Many surgeries, knee or hip replacement, frozen shoulder, or other mobility type surgeries may be a hardship for you, especially if you live alone.  Sometimes we have relatives or friends who volunteer their help.  Sometimes we have relatives who can come stay.  But other times we are left stranded.

We can’t drive, can’t get to follow-up appointments, cannot shop or even care for our pets.

Role of PT in Home Healthcare

Hospice Home Healthcare

Other situations that may be outside of the realm of the elder care that would need home healthcare would be hospice care.  Many times family thinks they can handle care for their family members but it becomes too difficult, too physical, or too time consuming.

As stated before, health care is never a one-size fits all and home healthcare is certainly no different.  Each person’s needs may be different and each family’s needs may also be different.  It’s always good to become aware of the amenities available to each need and what each provider has to offer. Transition Care Telemetry Caregiving

Can You Prepare Yourself for Unexpected Needs?

It is important to be aware that these types of situations can crop up at any time, most unexpectedly.  As we know, it is difficult to be prepared for all situations, all the time.  Now, I love my friends, but when it comes to a crisis time in your life, do you really want to be depending on your friends who are sporadic in their appearances during other meetups? 

And relatives can be even worse.  Imagine needing help going to the restroom and your family member says, “I’ll be there as soon as I drop Joey at school, stop at the dry cleaners, and pick up some lunch.”  This is not to say that your relatives are not reliable, or don’t care.  It’s just that they are busy.  And, we hate to ask because we’ve learned  to be independent.

Check with your insurance provider to see if you have coverage.  Get a referral from your doctor or surgeon.

Happy Holidays!!