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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to All in the US Today’s the day we celebrate and honor those who gave their lives to protect our country in its history.   And to honor those families who gave their loved ones for that purpose we also honor them. Thank you and Happy Memorial Day!  Enjoy your loved ones today! From all of us at Transition Care Telemetry

Aging is Unavoidable!

Aging is Unavoidable Aging is not avoidable.  As much as we want to try different things to slow the process, aging is unavoidable. Every birthday we celebrate just ticks that notch up a little bit further.  As you age, you also notice those around you aging. However, it’s harder for us to see ourselves. I remember my mother used to comment how old one of her friend’s looked.  I wanted to say, Mom, have you looked in the mirror?  Of course I refrained.  So if you are dealing with an elder parent, maybe a partner, or even yourself, heads up…. Read More »

Your Health Insurance Coverage

Do You Know What Your Insurance Covers Who Wants it Anyway? Health Insurance is sometimes a taboo subject.  I know that for most of us Health Insurance is a mystery.  I know it is for me. Who wants it anyway?   It’s a necessary evil.  You don’t want to be without it but how often we feel it’s a lot of money when you’re not using it.  What does it cover? Finding Out Too Late What is the worst thing to happen is that you find out too late that you need a type of health insurance coverage that you… Read More »

Why Pre-Plan

We plan for things that matter most. For every unforgettable event, there is a plan with unrelenting attention to detail. The most memorable weddings, vacations and birthday parties are meticuously designed, with every piece in its place. Planning a funeral or celebration of life is no different. Plan ahead and protect the people you love. Having your funeral, cremation or cemetery plans in place means your loved ones aren’t caught unprepared. Planning the details ensures they aren’t left with the burden of second-guessing what you would have wanted. Why Dignity Memorial When pre-planning with Dignity Memorial, you also get added… Read More »

When Caregivers Need Caregivers

Caregivers Need Caregivers

Are You Feeling Like You’re the One Needing a Caregiver? Are you a caregiver for a loved one? Do you know when it’s time for you to ask for help? When the caregiver needs a caregiver is our topic today. We love our loved ones. Our goal is to help them out. We want to give back. However, sometimes, or anytime, it may be time to ask for help. It’s similar to when they tell you in an airplane to put on your oxygen mask first so that you can help others.  As caregivers, you need to put your oxygen… Read More »

Changing the Face of Home Healthcare

Changing the Face of Home Healthcare

We all probably know someone who has had to have healthcare in the home, possibly as a last step for comfort care.  However there have been many changes in Healthcare that has had a huge impact on changing the face of Home Healthcare as well. Before Covid, people were expected to make their way to a doctor’s office for treatment.  Before great strides in technology in healthcare, the doctor or hospital was the only avenue of testing, and tracking personal healthcare data. Healthcare Changes in the Modern Day Now we have learned that there are other options.  Initial treatment may… Read More »

The Giving Pavilion This Weekend

Don’t forget!  We will be at the 46th Annual OC Home & Garden Show.  We will be at the Giving Pavilion.  And, we will be making a big announcement.  Please join us there.  Stop by and say Hi!  We’d love to meet our neighbors and share stories.  Learning about our neighbors and their experiences will help us as we work hard to give the best care we can. We’re really excited about our announcement and our company moving forward in an additional new direction to help the residents of Southern California.  OC Fair Home & Garden Show We look forward… Read More »

Join Us February 25-26 at OC Home Garden Show

Join Us February 25-26 at OC Home Garden Show

This weekend, February 25-26, Saturday & Sunday, Transition Care Telemetry will be hosting a booth at the 46th Annual Orange County Home & Garden Show, The Giving Pavilion.  This will be held at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa.  Click here The Giving Pavilion At our booth in The Giving Pavilion we will be making a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT this weekend. Come check that out! Please come by and say Hi! and learn more about us and what we have in store for the future of helping the residents of Orange County. We look forward to meeting you and listening… Read More »

Palliative vs Hospice Care

Continuing Education in Understanding and Traversing Healthcare Today As we traverse our healthcare situations in life we sometimes are required to educate ourselves to better understand how to get the best care we can.  Today, a growing field in medical care is Palliative Care.  Most of us now know what Hospice Care is, maybe because we have had a family member or friend who was put on Hospice Care, but may be unaware of this other option for care.  NIH On Palliative and Hospice Care A bit of education for you today is our goal – Hospice vs Palliative Care…. Read More »

Home Healthcare Hiring

Veterans & Military Family Members Looking for Careers? Come check us out at the: Veterans & Military Family Members Career & Resource Fair Wednesday January 18 from 10 am to 2 pm Location:  SOKA University Recreation Center, Aliso Viejo Come and See Us There Click Below For Details Event Details Click here for Registration Link Register Here

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