You know you’re getting older (sorry to say), but where do you fit in to the statistics in the US?

“By 2030,…1 out of every 5 US Citizens will be of retirement age.”

However, the biggest impact to you and your family may be that of healthcare.

“A swelling senior citizen population equals higher patient volumes… causing a tipping point in caregiver shortage…about 500,000 home health aides, 100,000 nursing assistants and 29,000 nurse practitioners.”

Alarming statistics coming in the next few years according to Andrew Meola in this article in ( Aging Population and Healthcare)

We already know that Social Security is paying out more than it takes in. Doctors are also retiring at alarming rates. This eludes to more tele-appointments, less time with doctors, less available appointments.  This will cause the US home care market to swell to $225 billion by 2024.


Cutting-edge technology such as voice assistants (Alexa and Google Home), smart pillboxes, smart clothing and even smart mattress will help seniors to some degree.  How else can they be helped?

Transition Care Telemetry, Inc., in southern California, is on the leading edge of this change in the market place. While technology is helpful, there are many areas of home-healthcare that will not be provided by technology. Transition Care Telemetry, Inc. prides themselves in the quality of their care, providing licensed professionals.

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