Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays   As the holiday season is well underway, I am sure you may be busy decorating, shopping, baking, wrapping gifts, and maybe, if you are like me, stressing yourself over all that is left to be done.  But most of this, if not all of it revolves around the home.  Home for the Holidays is the center of most peoples’ holidays.  Children coming home for a visit from college, long anticipated reunions, family making arrangements from near and far.  Home for the Holidays, while a good movie theme, is also one that our lives are made… Read More »


Thanksgiving It’s time for the beginning of the holiday season for us in American, starting with Thanksgiving.  One holiday bleeds into the next these days without much separation, or time to breathe and enjoy the moment.  The minute one is over we are onto the next, planning, preparing, and caring out the monumental tasks we set for ourselves.     Thankful for Family       As we get into the holiday spirit, we are reminded of family times around the family dinner table, when we were kids, or when our children were young, eating until we can’t breathe and… Read More »

Parkinson’s Patient Care

Most of us are aware of Parkinson’s Disease, we may know someone or have just heard it mentioned.  Parkinson’s Disease is a chronic degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that affects both motor and non-motor systems. The symptoms emerge slowly and as it progresses it is common to see more non-motor symptoms.  How can Home Health be beneficial for Parkinson’s Patient Care? Today I wanted to talk a little about why Home Healthcare would be extra beneficial for Parkinson’s Patient Care   There are several benefits of home healthcare for Parkinson’s patient care. Medical Management – Parkinson’s disease often… Read More »


The Season of Fall This week we welcomed in the first day of Fall, or Autumn. We hope that everyone is staying safe and not creating a greater risk of a fall.  Is that a common expression, Fall into Fall, or just one I thought of in the moment?  Fall is on the horizon and most of probably look forward to cooler temperatures, thus ‘fall into fall’.  But, we don’t want to fall in fall.  This is also Fall Prevention Week. https://www.catchu.net/fallprevention Ah yes, the English language is always varied and sometimes confusing.  I also think the time change for many… Read More »

Talking Hospice Care

Talking Hospice Care

I know in my life it’s often hard to speak with loved ones about death and dying until we almost miss that conversation. It seems we feel we are walking on broken glass.  Talking hospice care can be the same.  I remember my parents talking to me when they decided they wished to be cremated.  I was horrified.  They had obviously given it a lot of thought and were forthcoming in their decision.  Is it the same when talking hospice care?  How does one help a relative or loved one, that is possibly needing hospice care in the near future,… Read More »


The New Face of Home Healthcare

Recovery When we think of the after effects of having surgery, suffering from a fall or other accident, or even from an illness, most of us know it is usually recommended that we have some physical therapy to aid in our recovery.  But do we fully understand the entirety of its ramifications?   Why Physical Therapy for Recovery I once had surgery on my hand and was amazed at how the muscles in my hand deteriorated so quickly while in a splint.  Even after recovering I would often wear the splint if I was going anywhere I had to shake… Read More »

Care for Loved One with Alzheimer

How to Care for Loved One with Alzheimer’s

How to Care for Loved One with Alzheimer’s by Pamela Mangen, MBA, MSN, RN, PHN, PCCN-CMC, LSSGB It is never easy to accept Alzheimer’s, whether it’s a friend or loved one, or just someone else. Although it has been around for awhile, many of us are still uncertain as to the actual effects of the disease.  Understanding the disease would help you to tailor your care for the individual and provide more effective, compassionate care.  In this blog, we want to address care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s with some suggestions we hope you find of value. The Statistics … Read More »

Your Health Education

Your Health Education When we are young we might get your health education at school or from our parents.  Maybe in our 20s we become gym rats and get our health education from a personal trainer.  But what do we do as we age and are faced with health issues we never thought would happen to us? Learning More You may believe in continuing education regarding your job to advance, maybe you looked into advanced degrees or even night seminars to further your job advancement requirements.  But what about your health education?  Does it ever cross your mind?  When you… Read More »

Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Home Health Caregivers Can Help

If you have older people in your family or circle of friends, do the words Dementia or Alzheimers come up?  Do we interchange these words and assume they are one and the same?  So let’s discuss.  Dementia is kind of a universal catch word that is based on memory loss. It is about a group of symptoms that might alter one’s abilities to function in their normal life.  Dementia is not an actual disease but other diseases can cause dementia. What is Dementia Two types of changes would indicate dementia.  Cognitive changes and Psychological changes are most noted.   Some of… Read More »

Community Health Fair

Don’t miss meeting us at the Community Health Fair on June 10th, 10am-2pm Ceduceus Event Center 18200 Yorba Linda Blvd Ste 250 (2nd Floor) Always good to get a baseline of where you are in your health.  Knowledge is gold!  Lots of complementary consults. RSVP to 714-646-8058 or email at support@caduceusmedicalgroup.com for a free goodie bag.  Look forward to meeting with you there!! Caduceus Medical Group  June 10th 10am-2pm Always feel free to contact us at Transition Care Telemetry! Transition Care Telemetry

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